Culture and Communities

Cultures and Communities is the inclusive way that we deliver subject content from Geography, History, Modern Languages and Religious Education to the children at Broadmeadow. The subject content for Religious Education has its own curriculum map to ensure all learners are able to access materials relating to Religious Education at their academic level and in a meaningful way. This area of the curriculum teaches our children some of the fundamental skills that can help them make sense of the world around them. Comprising four subject areas in one, this subject is cross-curricular by nature and promotes many other areas of learning through its content including PSED, Literacy, Communication and Mathematics. We highly value the importance of this area of learning in school and endeavour to provide meaningful learning experiences that capture the interest of each and every learner at a level appropriate to them. Centering our discrete taught sessions around our pupil’s own cultures and communities is of utmost importance to us as we aim to celebrate the diversity of pupils at our school.

How do we deliver Cultures and Communities at Broadmeadow?

A multisensory approach is key to the delivery of this subject area for our children. Pairing this with an interest-based approach provides a way to deliver discrete sessions that the children find motivating and interesting whilst learning new skills and concepts related to people, cultures and communities. Often these sessions will take place during our offsite visits where children may visit different places of worship, historical buildings or other places of interest within the local community. This allows children working in all stages of the people, cultures and communities curriculum map to achieve as experiences out in the community build the foundations for new learning and experiences.

Culture and Communities Curriculum Map