Home Learning

At Broadmeadow, we recognise that children learn in different ways and many of our children find transferring skills from one setting to another a real challenge. For many years we have provided home learning activities for children in the form of worksheets, activity packs and physical resources linked to individual outcomes. Following a parent survey in Summer of 2022, we have re-vamped our home learning strategy as it showed us that families are already doing many things at home that support their child’s learning.

In the survey, many parents told us that they regularly:

  • Work on termly outcomes set by the school linked to their child’s Education, Health and Care Plan
  • Continue strategies suggested by the school in areas such as behaviour, self-care skills, routines etc
  • Work hard to ensure that children are well prepared for school, particularly on sleep and bedtime routines
  • Support their children to experience a range of social situations like visits in the community, parties and visits to family
  • Take care of their own mental and physical health in order to be able to give their children the very high levels of support that they rely on

From September 2022 we will be collecting information such as this to recognise home learning in its many forms. This will take place at Parent’s Evening. We are very happy to provide additional work and activities for children to use at home for those families who would like it. This will be provided by class teams.

Help and Support

Broadmeadow can offer a range of specialist advice and support for families through our parent workshops. Our courses include; Makaton, PECs, Sleep Tight, Understanding Behaviour and Understanding Autism. In addition to this we provide termly opportunities for parents to liaise with specialist services, such as the school nursing team, speech and language therapy, and occupational therapy. We also host coffee and chat mornings which is a fabulous opportunity to meet other parents.

The Wolverhampton Local Offer provides comprehensive information, links to services and resources for children with special educational needs and disabilities, please use the link below: https://win.wolverhampton.gov.uk/kb5/wolverhampton/directory/localoffer.page?localofferchannel=0

Charity organisations are valuable sources of information for families, please see some suggestions below: https://contact.org.uk/