Broadmeadow is ‘Outstanding’

In its recent Ofsted inspection, Broadmeadow Special School was judged to be an ‘Outstanding’ school.

Key Findings
Overall Effectiveness Outstanding
Achievement of pupils Outstanding
Quality of Teaching Outstanding
Behaviour and safety of pupils Outstanding
Leadership and management Outstanding

Summary of Key Findings for Parents and Pupils

  • The school has sustained its previous outstanding quality so that pupils continue to make excellent progress, particularly in developing their communication skills.
  • The home learning programme the school provides, helps to accelerate pupils’ progress in their social and academic development.
  • Pupils make outstanding progress from low starting points over a short period of time. Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage get off to an excellent start. Pupils are well prepared prior to moving on to their next school. The overall trend is upwards for nearly all pupils.
  • The leadership and management of the school are outstanding. Leaders at all levels work hard to bring about continuous improvements. For example, the creation of a ‘child and family care co-ordinator’ has strengthened links with families.
  • Despite the efforts of the school to make the best use of space, many parts are cramped. Small classrooms make it increasingly difficult, given the changing complexities of the needs of pupils, for some children to work in quiet and calmer areas or on individual tasks.
  • Teaching continues to be outstanding. Teachers have a very clear focus on pupils’ learning and moving them on to their next stage as quickly as possible. They use a wide range of methods and experiences, such as learning outdoors, to make lessons interesting and fun.
  • Parents, other professionals and the local authority have confidence in the school and recognise the outstanding nature of its work with young children.
  • Parents hold the school in high regard. One parent commented on the school’s ability to teach pupils to communicate. ‘The communication system the school has, is brilliant – my child now has a voice.’
  • The behaviour and safety of pupils are outstanding. They quickly establish positive relationships and learn to interact and co-operate with one another well. Pupils are safe and the supportive environment develops their self-confidence effectively.
  • The school provides very effective support and advice to mainstream schools to help them improve their practice in teaching pupils with special educational needs and disabilities.

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