Broadmeadow is ‘Good’

In its recent Ofsted inspection, Broadmeadow Special School was judged to be a ‘Good’ school.

Key Findings
The quality of education Good
Behaviour and attitudes Outstanding
Personal development Good
Early Years Provision Good
Leadership and management Good
Overall effectiveness at previous inspection  Not previously inspected

What is it like to attend this school?

All pupils, including those in the early years, are happy, safe and well looked after at Broadmeadow. Staff know the pupils really well. Staff think carefully about how to plan activities that will interest the pupils and help them to learn. Staff help pupils learn how to behave well. Some pupils might need a bit of extra support with this. Staff give this help in a calm way. Throughout the day, staff keep a close eye on children to make sure that there is no bullying. Pupils get a lot of help to improve their language and communication. Staff are skilled at helping pupils to get better at explaining how they are feeling. Pupils learn to do this by using objects, pictures or sign language. This helps pupils let staff know what they like and want to do. It also means that staff can help pupils understand daily routines, like ‘now’ and ‘next’. Parents and carers are really pleased with the school. Their children are happy and are getting on well. During the inspection, one parent echoed the feelings of others, saying, ‘I just can’t thank them enough for the work they’ve put into my child.’

You can also view the school performance tables below.

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