Exploring and Experimenting – Science

From an early-age, children seek to explore and understand the world around them. All children at Broadmeadow will have the opportunity to access the science curriculum. Science is made accessible to all pupils through a focus on practical work, first hand experience and special events. At its early stage’s science is introduced indirectly through activities that encourage the children to explore, observe changes and problem solve. As children progress they will have the opportunity to further develop their skills and be encouraged to pursue and develop their own ideas. We use our in-depth knowledge of the children to plan highly motivating and engaging science activities. During these activities staff will be promoting and developing are range of skills including; communication skills, reasoning and problem-solving skills, expanding their vocabulary, promoting team work and extending and embedding literacy and numeracy skills. As well as planning science sessions our highly skilled staff are always on the lookout for spontaneous scientific opportunities during the school day.

Exploring and Experimenting Curriculum Map