School Day

Each class has a weekly timetable with a set rota of activities relating to the curriculum schemes and to the half-termly topic. Every classroom differs and there is flexibility across the school so that staff are able to plan their day effectively according to the needs of their children. Routines are important in ensuring our children feel safe and secure, as well as promoting their learning. Staff make use of the whole school environment so that children can access all facilities available to them as part of their learning experience.
Below is an example of what a school day at Broadmeadow may look like:

Morning Session

  • Our school day begins with the children arriving at school at 9:00 am. Most of our children are transported by bus and greeted by their class team.
  • Children take part in the morning routine which often includes physical / play activities, daily reading (if appropriate) toileting and snack time which promotes communication.
  • Class assembly: here the children say good morning to staff and to each other and prepare for the school day ahead, following a visual timetable or schedule.
  • Work time: a range of exciting and motivational learning activities are provided covering all areas of the curriculum, including reading, writing, phonics and mathematics.
  • Outdoor play: children and staff will be suitably clothed in order to experience all weather conditions and explore our fantastic outdoor learning resources.
  • Work time: individual and small group activities are planned for in line with children’s individual needs and outcomes.
  • Dinner preparation: oral motor activities prepare our children for eating in an engaging way before their packed lunch or school dinner.
  • Outdoor play

Afternoon Session

  • Toothbrushing routine: supports independence skills and the promotion of good hygiene.
  • Class assembly: welcoming our children back to class with some action songs and reference to our ‘Colours of Me’ emotions programme.
  • Topic work with a half-termly focus in each subject area as indicated in our curriculum schemes: includes art and design, computing, exploring and experimenting, music, PSED, people cultures and communities and R.E.
  • P.E.: focus on physical development with changing topics half-termly in line with our curriculum scheme.
  • Toilet time
  • Going home routine: children are encouraged to find their belongings and have the opportunity for daily collective worship before going home.
  • 3:00 pm marks the end of the school day

Each class is also on a rota for Swimming, Rebound Therapy and Offsite P.E. so that they receive this provision in half termly blocks. Additionally, we build educational visits into our curriculum. Sometimes we use our own minibuses and sometimes we walk to local amenities. This enables pupils to build on their skills over a number of weeks as well as experiencing and generalising learning outside of the classroom environment. We also have Fun with Food group sessions and a Tuck Shop that runs on a weekly basis to build positive relationships with food as we acknowledge many of our children have limited diets. Across the school year we celebrate special days and events and invite outside practitioners to enhance our children’s learning experiences as much as possible such as musicians, theatre groups and services from our local community.