Views on our School

Parent Comments

“I am very proud, I’m literally bursting with joy. L is such a very happy clever boy who amazes me every day. He is coming on in leaps in bounds and I can’t thank Broadmeadow enough for all their help and support. I am one very super happy proud mommy.”

“We are so happy with D’s progress! We are over the moon with his report. We can’t thank you all enough (beautiful pictures too, we loved looking through them).”

“Once again absolutely blown away with the progress L has made this year. Broadmeadow is a remarkable school with wonderful teachers.”

“I am so pleased with M’s progress. Thank you very much for your input in enabling her to achieve this. Hope she continues to learn and have fun at Broadmeadow in the future”.

“Home Learning is a useful service, allows me to keep up to date on my child’s progress and enables me to set up a plan to further support at home. Thank you for all your efforts.”

“I find it (home learning) brilliant; it is a great way of extra learning at home.”

“I like that activities are related to targets and that there is something new to try each time.”

“It’s a brilliant chance to do activities according to their IEP plan at home. He is excited to do activities sent in his home learning bag.”

“Broadmeadow staff go above and beyond to support pupils and their families. It has such a nurturing, accepting and all embracing approach and feel, creating a real sense of community and care. It truly is unique.”

“I would like to thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to volunteer in your school this year. It was a wonderful experience and has helped me to gain my confidence back while learning new skills…The school has such a warm and welcoming environment.”

Staff Comments

“I have worked at Broadmeadow for 14 years; I am part-time now but every week when I walk through the doors it’s like I am home. We pride ourselves on what a close team we are and this is reflected onto the children; there is always a lovely working atmosphere in the school.”

“It makes a huge difference to work in a school where you know that you’re valued.”

“Broadmeadow is a lovely place to work, all teams look out for each other and really care for the children which shows across the school.”

“Proud to be part of this amazing team! Everyone has really pulled together through this difficult time. Excellent support from Senior Leadership team.”

“During this uncertain year when we have had to accustom ourselves to so many different changes, it has emphasised how adaptable we are as a whole team, to ensure the safety and well being of our school community, thus allowing our teaching, learning and caring to continue.”