Views on our School

July 2018 Summary


Parent Comments

A fantastic school.

I am concerned that a level 3 TA is running Caterpillars on a Friday as a replacement for Joan, though I know to be one of your most experienced members of staff.

A loves going to school. He is happy and has made great progress in his behaviour and learning.

Fantastic school, school is wonderful, just wish they would give you funding to extend your school.

This is a wonderful school, I feel blessed and lucky that my son has had the opportunity to come here.

My child has reached numerous targets whilst at this school and continues to do so.

Great school, have put don’t know for bullying because I haven’t seen or heard of any such occurrences.

I’m so grateful that my son got a place at this school. Since he’s started his speech has come on so well and he’s just a different kid and that’s thanks to all the staff who have worked with him. Thanks again xx.

Sometimes we feel a little in the dark about what is done in school regarding personal successes. i.e. what my child has done specifically. Also this is why we don’t know if the home learning is always appropriate. The Marvellous Me could be better utilised for this. Also could we personally add things we have achieved at home.

Would love the school to have the children to 19 years of age as I don’t want my child to leave, it’s a fantastic school, and thank you for everything the school has done for my child.