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Broadmeadow Special School-  Survey 2023

Very happy Happy
I am happy that my child attends Broadmeadow 85% 15% Fantastic! We are very pleased to read this, please stop telling your friends though as we are full and will not have places until at least 2025.
Strongly agree Agree Neither agree nor disagree  
I am made to feel welcome at the school 79% 11% Good, we want families to feel comfortable in school.
My child is making good progress at the school 76% 18% 6% Parents Evenings are your opportunity to discuss progress, documents like ‘Look At My Learning’ and the IEP review highlight progress.
I understand what my child needs to be working on to develop further 71% 21% 8% Learning is complex for many of our children. Parents evenings and coffee mornings are planned to help with this- please ask questions- we love them!
There is someone at school I feel comfortable to ask for help if I need it 79% 15% 6% We are here to help, if there is something you need, we will support if we can.
School is a positive experience for my child 82% 9% 9% We know that some children have anxieties around school, please work with us to support your child- in the long term it will benefit you as a family.
Strongly agree Agree Neither agree or disagree Disagree  
I feel well-informed about what is happening in school through the newsletter and Marvellous Me 74% 18% 6% 2% As a school, we communicate as much as we are able with families. Whenever a teacher comes out of class to see or speak to a parent it impacts the learning of children. Please remember this.
Issues or complaints are dealt with effectively at the school 56% 26% 18% We try our best, but only know you are unhappy if you tell us.
As a school, we feel that take up of training and events is dwindling. Why do you think that is? In this answer we saw that high number of parents cannot attend as they are working; some activities do not suit needs, but for others, they are just too busy to attend. Our home liaison team are looking at this in more depth.

Some other comments

We have noticed that trips out of school have reduced and we found this helpful as a family Yes- this is true! Due to 2 issues really, one is that our site does not stretch our more physically able children and so now some visits are taken up as PE visits to ensure the curriculum is aspirational. Also, we have a very small number of people who can drive our buses- to remedy this we will purchase ‘lite’ buses in future as you do not need a special category on your licence to drive them.
It would be nice to be kept up to date with staff changes, over the months TAs have changed and we haven’t known I appreciate that in the last 12 months there has been a lot of change- for many reasons, staff illness, staff physical ability/injury, safety and ratios, issues with recruitment (which are on-going and an issue in all sectors). Staff moving isn’t taken lightly and one or two classes had really difficulty in maintaining stability last year. Where there was significant change letters were sent to explain this. Hopefully this year will be more stable.
We love having the opportunity to see our child in school such as at the sensory sessions That is great to hear and something that we would like to continue We are also aware that many parents no longer know what school looks like as we have had so much work completed! We will be planning events this year to bring parents into school more.
We appreciate the care and support our child receives, however could staff please check her nappy before she comes home as sometimes she is very wet All children have their nappies changed or checked 3 times a day as a routine, and more if we can see it is needed. Some children wait for the bus journey to relax their bladder and release a lot of fluid and really, we can’t help this! We do sometimes see the same thing in the morning when children are coming into school. If this is a persistent issue maybe talk to your class team to look for a solution.
There were also many comments of thanks and appreciation, we are very grateful for your support.
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