Promoting British Values

At Broadmeadow we recognise the multi-cultural, multi-faith and ever changing nature of the UK. We promote British Values through our spiritual moral, social and cultural education offering many broad and balanced opportunities for development throughout the curriculum.

All school staff demonstrate and promote such values and attitudes, providing positive role models for the children. British Values has been identified as five key elements detailed below, together with examples of how this is achieved in everyday practice.


  • Understanding the World – aware of others and sensitive to differences
  • Personal Social and Emotional Development – building relationships; listening to others; initiating play and conversations; resolving conflicts; playing co-operatively and taking turns; enjoys responsibility of carrying out small tasks; sharing; beginning to solve problems and negotiate; work as part of a group; understand and follow rules – Golden Rules; School Council
  • Communication and Language – listens to others and responds to what they hear; understanding body language
  • Physical Development – team games; negotiation with others.

Tolerance of Those of Different Faiths and Beliefs

  • Understanding the World – joining in with family customs and routines; know about similarities and difference between themselves and others and among families, communities and traditions; shows awareness of and interest in different ways of life, culture and religions.

Mutual Respect

  • Understanding the World – beginning to have their own friends; aware of others and sensitive to differences; show care and concern for livings and for their environment
  • Expressive Art and Design – play alongside and co-operatively with others; represent own ideas, thoughts and feelings through creative activities
  • Communication and Language – understanding body language;¬†listens to others and responds to what they hear
  • Personal Social and Emotional Development – enjoys company of and interacts with others; shows affection and forms special friendships/relationships; awareness of own and others feelings; take turns; understands own actions affect other people.

Individual Liberty

  • Understanding the World – beginning to have their own friends
  • Expressive Art and Design – favourite songs; develop preferences; express feelings and ideas; making choices
  • Communication and Language – communicating needs and feelings; make requests
  • Personal Social and Emotional Development – sense of self as an individual; express own feelings, preferences and interests; sense of self; saying ‘no’; requesting help; confident to try new activities.

Rule of Law

  • Communication and Language – follows directions
  • Personal Social and Emotional Development – aware of boundaries and of behavioural expectations; co-operates with routines and can adapt behaviour to different events, changes in routine and social situations.