It is important that parents inform the school office by telephone if their child is to be absent from school. If possible, it would also assist school transport to be notified in advance so they do not call for your child.  Pupil Support telephone number is 01902 554154.

All absences will be investigated and will be discussed with parents – informally on the day of absence; parents evening; TAC or EHA meetings; at Annual Reviews.

Leave of absence for pupils is only granted in exceptional circumstances. A leave of absence form must be filled and signed by the Headteacher. Taking holidays without express permission may result in a fine.

All unexplained / patterns of absences will be investigated and if necessary procedures outlined in our Policy for Safeguarding Children will be commenced.

Parents can call us on 01902 558330 to inform us why their child will not be attending school or alternatively send a text message to the school mobile phone 07564044248.

Help and Support

Broadmeadow can offer a range of specialist advice and support for families through our parent workshops. Our courses include; Makaton, PECs, Sleep Tight, Understanding Behaviour and Understanding Autism. In addition to this we provide termly opportunities for parents to liaise with specialist services, such as the school nursing team, speech and language therapy, and occupational therapy. We also host coffee and chat mornings which is a fabulous opportunity to meet other parents. (Due to the pandemic these have been online meetings, but we do hope to resume face to face soon!).

The Wolverhampton Local Offer provides comprehensive information, links to services and resources for children with special educational needs and disabilities, please use the link below:

Charity organisations are valuable sources of information for families, please see some suggestions below:

Home Learning

We believe in working together with parents to provide a positive and consistent approach to pupils’ learning. As part of our Home Learning service we offer activity packs for use at home. We have a wide range of activities to support our pupils with their numeracy and literacy skills. In order for this consistent approach to work, activities need to be returned by the given date. Feedback from parents is also helpful, as this enables us to keep sending appropriate activities for parents to enjoy at home with their children.

If you would like to know more about any of the above services, please contact:

Clare Temple, Home Learning, Student and Volunteer Coordinator –