Outreach Service

The aim of the service is to improve outcomes for pupils with severe learning difficulties attending mainstream schools by building capacity through bespoke training packages and programmes of support, working with staff and children over fixed periods to develop specific skills. Additional support for parents is also freely available.

The Outreach Co-Ordinator is able to draw upon the experience and expertise of Broadmeadow staff, who can provide practical advice and strategies to support:

  • assessment of need
  • multisensory approaches for effective classroom access
  • structuring curriculum routines and developing schedules
  • person centred learning
  • positive behaviour management approaches
  • attachment disorder
  • communication programmes
  • disability awareness and working with pupils who have specific learning disabilities.

Below are some of the training packages we provide. These can be delivered to whole schools as CPD, to groups of staff/departments, as parent workshops or on an individual basis:

  • Augmented communication systems e.g. Picture Exchange Communication systems (PECs) and Makaton
  • PROACT SCIP® -UK. An organisation accredited by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities, which provides strategies for positive behaviour management and crisis intervention. We have two accredited trainers in school to deliver bespoke training
  • Autism: what is it? (workshops for families with children newly diagnosed, delivered in collaboration with the Special Needs Early Service)
  • Attachment: Theories and Practice
  • Sensory processing (delivered in collaboration with the Occupational Therapy service)
  • Therapeutic play
  • In-Reach visits to Broadmeadow can also be arranged to observe/discuss specific methods of teaching

The service is accessed through a simple referral procedure for individual pupils and requests for specific training.

Outreach Referral Form

For more information please contact Alison Egerton , Sarah Jacks or Manda Taylor – 01902 558330 – aegerton@broadmeadowspecial.co.uk / sjacks@broadmeadowspecial.co.uk \ mtaylor1@broadmeadowspecial.co.uk