The Numicon maths system is a multi–sensory approach to arithmetic teaching in the Foundation Stage and early Key Stage 1.  It is brightly coloured so pleasing to the eye and interesting for children.  It consists of a selection of shapes different in colour and shape to represent the numbers one to ten.

Each shape has between one to ten holes so that it is easy for children to learn number value through visualisation.  The holes are finger-sized making it easy to handle and manipulate. It is robust so can be used in a variety of situations including outdoors.

How is Numicon delivered at Broadmeadow?

Children start by exploring the Numicon shapes in a variety of play/ sensory situations to get them familiar with the different shapes and sizes.  Lots of number vocabulary is used alongside activities.  Pupils can use the Numicon shapes to help with number recognition, addition and subtraction and also match, sort and create patterns.

Numicon has helped raise the profile of number in school with every class being able to access it in a variety of differentiated activities.