Sensory Integration

Does your child:

  • Have a lot of excess energy?
  • Struggle with hair washing, teeth cleaning, chewing non-food items such as sleeves of clothing?
  • Dislike touch and the feel of certain textures?

These are some of the signs that your child may benefit from assessment by an Occupational Therapist for Sensory Integration Therapy.

Some children with special educational needs find their sensory systems don’t function as they should, leaving them struggling to process the world around them and their own bodies.

Children may avoid situations that they can’t cope with or seek more of a sensation that they like. Examples may be:

  • Sensitivity to noise
  • Poor sleep patterns
  • Craving movement
  • Avoiding touch or craving messy activities
  • The need to chew objects or clothing

As a school we aim to provide all children with daily opportunities and resources to balance their Sensory Nervous Systems in order to maximise every possible learning opportunity.

How will your child be assessed?

  • If your child has an OT (Occupational Therapy) programme, but is new to school, we will continue to use that programme here
  • Parents/carers/class teams refer children to Andrea Connolly(Broadmeadow Sensory Integration Co-ordinator) if they feel there are sensory issues
  • Andrea will liaise with the Occupational Therapy team to arrange an assessment
  • You may be asked to complete a Sensory Questionnaire to provide us with all the information we need
  • Andrea and the OT will then see your child in the school Sensory Gym or their classroom environment
  • An appropriate programme for your child will then be produced with activities to help with their particular sensory needs

How do we support your child in school?

  • Programmes are issued to staff teams to be carried out during the school day
  • Parents/carers can come into school and see how to carry out activities when needed; e.g. brushing or deep pressure programmes
  • Andrea meets with staff on a regular basis to discuss progress or changes that may be needed with programmes
  • An OT comes into school one day a week to work with individual children or small groups as needed

What can you do to help your child?

  • Speak to class staff if you have any concerns or ask to speak to the Sensory Integration Co-ordinator (Andrea Connolly)
  • Ask if there are any activities that you could carry out at home to help your child
  • Follow the sensory programme that the OT suggests as much as you can at home
  • Come into school to see how we use the sensory gym