Forest School

Forest School is a hands-on learning experience in a natural environment.

As part of the outdoor curriculum, we are now taking a forest school approach to learning outdoors. Through differentiated structured activities we are taking the classroom out into a wider learning environment. The children enjoy using natural materials to enhance their learning and knowledge of the world. There are also child-initiated activities on offer such as a mud kitchen and a digging area as well as resources for exploring.

How is Forest School used at Broadmeadow?

At Broadmeadow, we are fortunate that we have a pond and a small wooded area, which we have been able to develop and adapt for our Forest School. All classes are able to access this area on a weekly basis. The children in each class are very unique and so staff have become very skilled in adapting activities to suit the needs of the individual child and working together as a team to enable the children to maximise the learning experience. They also have fun! Class staff will work with the children on a focused activity and then they will have time for exploring and child-initiated learning.