Safeguarding Curriculum

Keeping Children Safe In Education stipulates that schools should ensure that children are taught about safeguarding, including online safety. Schools should consider this as part of providing a broad and balanced curriculum.  This may include covering relevant issues for schools through Relationships and Health Education for all primary pupils, which was made compulsory in September 2020. Schools have flexibility to decide how they discharge their duties effectively within the child’s first year of compulsory teaching and are encouraged to take a phased approach (if needed) when introducing these subjects. Due to the age and cognitive capacity of the children at Broadmeadow, teaching of Relationships and Health Education will be differentiated through curriculum and topic work, in an appropriate way that children will understand. Some aspects of safeguarding, for example, online safety may be more appropriately relayed to families through workshops to ensure that children are kept safe at all times.

Our children enjoy many exciting themes and activities in a way appropriate to their development, for example ‘Diversity week’, ‘Growing Together’ and ‘Black History Month – Health and Wellness’.