Online Safety

The online community can offer children a wide range of opportunities to enhance their learning. It can come in many forms including gaming, social media, videos, web surfing and virtual reality.

What we do: –

Here at Broadmeadow, we recognise the importance of computing and technology and how it can inspire creativity and maximise their education.

Pupils access a range of digital and online resources on a daily basis and all equipment is highly monitored and filtered to safeguard them from any potential harm.

We are currently working with The Centre for Digital & Online Behaviours to ensure we are supporting teachers, parents and pupils.

We work with parents, teachers, and safeguarding lead to developing a plan and appropriate resources to support your child and family.

What we plan to do: –

  • Complete the EPICT online safety certificate – The EPICT Online Safety Qualification is designed for anyone who works with children and young people to recognise their knowledge of online safety through an internationally recognised qualification.
  • Ongoing staff training – Staff are aware and highly trained in digital behaviours and are confident to use these skills in their teaching.
  • Tutorials – Provide a range of online safety guides including how-to videos.
  • Online safety group – Our online safety group will drive online safety policy and practice.
  • Coffee Morning – We will host a coffee morning for parents on the use of IPads and other mobile devices. This will cover a range of topics including keeping children safe.
  • Curriculum content – Create curriculum content that is informative, fun and suitable for children with SLD.

What can we do to help?

Provide personalised social stories that explain digital situations in understandable steps.

We can offer support to parents, including IPad tips and preventable strategies to make your home digitally safe. Please contact Noosha Doley for more information.

What can you do at home?

  • Supervise your child while they’re online.
  • Manage your technology and use the available settings to keep your child safe. Try this is a great website not just for mobile devices but also for techs such as Google Home and Alexa.
  • Swap YouTube for YouTube kids.

For more information, please read our Behaviour and e-safety policy.

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