Physical Education

P.E. aims to encourage pupils of all abilities to be physically active in school and throughout life. It fosters the development of control and co-ordination in large and small movements, promoting physical strength and self-confidence.

Through increased flexibility it helps our pupils to move confidently in a range of ways, to be able to negotiate obstacles safely whilst striving to achieve their ‘personal best’ and working towards the attainment of physical developmental milestones.

Lessons are  inclusive but differentiated, with  activities and resources adapted to meet the different abilities of our children, supporting them to develop a broad range of skills which they can use in different contexts along with simply the enjoyment of being physically active. Regular practice and repetition helps to consolidate skills.

Physical activities also support the development and attainment  of skills in other areas of the curriculum e.g. the acquisition of fine motor skills required when learning to write, along with the development of self-care skills linked to everyday life and independence i.e. dressing, washing and feeding.

How is P.E delivered at Broadmeadow?

Here at Broadmeadow P.E. is delivered through the provision of weekly structured P.E. lessons, daily free play and adult choice planned activities taking place both in and outside of the classroom. Individual Occupational and Physiotherapy targets are included in activities throughout the day as appropriate e.g. when pupils are using the sensory gym. In addition, pupils regularly participate in weekly Rebound therapy sessions and year 1 children receive half a term of swimming lessons before moving on to their new schools. During these activities pupil’s work towards attaining accredited certification. Physical targets will also frequently form the main focus of weekly Educational visits, Forest school activities and fundraising events. Home learning also provides physical resources with linked activities for pupils and families to practice and extend skills at home.

As part of the School Sport Partnership, our pupils have opportunities to link, visit and compete with pupils in other similar schools across the Black Country. They have enjoyed having the opportunity to take part in swimming Gala’s, sensory orienteering and sensory trails,  a range of competitive games during S.M.I.L.E. events and aquatic days.   ‘Have a go’ taster days provide an opportunity for pupils to try out new and different activities e.g. to chance to explore a climbing wall. Periodically sports and activity specialists are also invited into school e.g. to deliver a term of dance sessions or football coaching.

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