At Broadmeadow Special School, Personal, Social, Health, Economic and Relationships Education enables children to develop their independence skills and emotional resilience.  Children are given daily opportunities to practice their independence skills including dressing and undressing activities, hygiene routines (washing hands, brushing their teeth, using the toilet) and oral motor activities to promote skills required for eating and drinking.

Half termly topics promote wellbeing and relationships. As a school, we strive to ensure all our learners feel safe and secure. Staff make excellent working relationships with each child and are quick to identify and respond to any episodes of distress or anxiety. Staff are trained in various approaches including therapeutic play, SCERTS, and Lego therapy in order to promote emotional resilience, confidence and social skills. These approaches are monitored in school by the PSED co-ordinator.

Children are exposed regularly to the wider community during educational visits such as walks in the local park, visits to the café or familiar places of interest such as libraries, post offices etc.

Wellbeing is promoted throughout the school day by following an approach entitled ‘Colours of Me.’ The aim of this approach is to enable children to recognise and manage their own emotions. Children have daily opportunities to work through their emotions during therapeutic activities, some of which include mindfulness, yoga or sensory tray exploration.

Staff model and promote friendships across school. Children have the opportunity to play with their peers and across classes during lunch time and play time in the outdoor playground. Staff carefully choose children to engage in LEGO therapy sessions, these could be within their own class or peers from another class. This approach models the social skills required to build effective relationships.

Children have regular opportunities to notice themselves and others and what makes them unique or different to their peers. Children are encouraged to label body parts including what they look like and how they look different to their peers e.g. hair colour, gender etc.

PSED Curriculum Map