Information Technology

ICT is embedded throughout our teaching at Broadmeadow. We firmly believe that it is important our children learn to thrive in our digital world and are taught to do so safely.

The children are taught following an ICT curriculum developed from the Early Years Foundation stage and individualised to meet the needs of our children.

We teach our curriculum through the use of a range of specialised ICT resources.

Key ICT resources at Broadmeadow:

  • Projectors and smart boards in each class
  • Laptop computer for each class
  • iPads in each class
  • Portable computer trolley with touch screen computers
  • Eyegaze computer
  • A range of switch operated toys
  • Well-equipped sensory room
  • Well-equipped sensory gym

Eye Gaze Technology

We have had the recent addition of an Eye Gaze computer for use with our children. Eye Gaze technology replaces the standard mouse so you can use your eyes to:

  • Control your computer or communication aid
  • Use environmental controls
  • Access computer games.

What is Eye Gaze?

The technology tracks your eye to see where you are looking. You can then ‘click’ where you are looking by using a ‘dwell click’. The user needs to simply hold their gaze steady in an area for a predefined amount of time. This action produces a ‘virtual’ click.

Eye Gaze is useful for those who:

  • Cannot use their hands to access the computer
  • Find accessing a computer slow and difficult using other access methods such as a switch.