“The purpose of the behaviour is to get our needs met”

There is always a reason for a child’s behaviour. It is important that we try to find out why the child uses this behaviour.

Aims of the school – Broadmeadow recognises that all behaviours have a function and our role is to establish what that is.

The school recognises the need for:

  • PROACT SCIPr-UK®-Strategies for Crisis Intervention and Prevention
  • Assessment- ABC sheets
  • Proactive management
  • Calming techniques (in accordance with time Intensity/behaviour escalation model)
  • Team discussions and observations
  • Means of communication-visual systems e.g. PECS, timetable, schedules, symbols, photographs
  • Multi-disciplinary working
  • Positive Behaviour Support, written in the format most relevant to the child
  • Therapeutic intervention, as identified using the children’s wellbeing flowchart
  • All the Colours of Me – Zones of regulation

Positive approaches to behaviour

At Broadmeadow all staff use a consistent positive approach to behaviour through:

  • Knowledge of the child and their needs
  • Visual systems e.g. PECS, schedules, signs, symbols, photographs, daily timetable
  • Communication aids e.g. PECS, symbols, big macs, proxy talkers
  • Intensive interaction
  • Termly Outcome
  • Multidisciplinary working
  • Positive behaviour Support
  • All the Colours of Me – Zones of regulation


We never exclude but instead would offer a differentiated/personalised curriculum and would negotiate with the LA for additional funding to provide 1:1 support if deemed to be appropriate. The process of this would be through a review of EHCP.

We always make reasonable adjustments in terms of the best use of school resources and the organisation of classes/workspaces to provide a fully inclusive programme of support.

For further information, please see our Behaviour Policy.

Attending school events such as parents evening, your child’s annual review, and coffee mornings can really help with any difficulties you may have at home.  You are not alone with this, and discussion with other families is really valuable.

Please also see the links below, The Challenging Behaviour Foundation has a wealth of information on how you can support your child

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